Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello All!

Hello! Just thought I'd share really quickly a neat place that we went recently. It is called Government Canyon, and it is a State Natural Area here in San Antonio. Lots of neat hiking paths and natural gardens and trees. Hope everyone is well - love you all!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Campout 2009

Well we are not a blogging family I guess but I still want to put some pics of the family reunion up here. We had a blast and we miss everyone so much.

Day one:
We picked out the most fabulous camp sit ever and we ate tinfoil dinners. And threw rocks in the lake.

Day Two:
We had eggs in a bag for breakfast. (really yummy) Then we played in the water and relaxed and finished setting up camp. And some threw rocks in the lake. We also played cards.

Day Three:
Tuesday we fished! Yeah! We strolled in the fields and played in the water some more. We started the competition to win the great Malone Reunion Award(made by Jess herself). Some people from each family group joined in to play horse shoes and Ultimate Frisbee. We took family pictures, ... which I'm still waiting for... and don't forget, we threw rocks in the lake. And Wendy climbed in a tree.

Day Four:
This was the day of the water rafting. I bought the photos that were sold at the raft stand but they were only taken of our raft. Sorry, I really wish I had them all but they cost too much to buy everyone's. While we were all having a blast on the water Grandma and Grandpa were watching the little ones. Thank You

Day Five:
Will be continued at a later time because Chloie is awake and I need to get her out of her crib.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Greetings from Texas!

Hello Everyone!  Our computer recently got a virus (blah), and as I was restoring everything I went through old pictures of the trip that Grandma, Sarah and I had in Brazil - thought it would be fun to share one of my favorites!  Well, we had a great visit here earlier this year when Grandma Peggy and Ken came out, and again with my mom just a couple of weeks ago.  Hopefully everyone will be able to come see us at some point!  I know we are looking forward to getting more established so that we can travel more to see family.  Other than that, we both love our jobs - Jessie at a great company called Zachry doing estimating for really big steel engineering stuff, me in an art gallery downtown - and are hoping to expand our family in the near future.  We have been so blessed here, and are loving life in San Antonio, but miss everyone in California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, etc... Hope everyone is well, and if you want to know more about what we're up to, explore the stuff below! :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Grandma Peggy

Hello all,
We are still in Provo and today we are spending some time at BYU Family History Center. Ken is doing FH and I'm catching up on stuff. It is tuff being without internet. Friday we will probably be going to Heber and Sarah and Chloie may join us. Hope the weather is good, but it looks like it may rain.
Oh yes!! Saturday we have tickets for the BYU football game against Wyoming. We have umbrellas.
Love you all.

Slide Show

Chloie is 5 1/2 months old

Chloie rolled over for the first time yesterday!! It was an accident and she cried but she did it all on her own. In fact I didn't even see said roll over. I just heard her crying and she was on her back, when I had put her on her stomach. I am so proud. :) I was getting worried that she only wanted to walk. I thought maybe crawling and being on the floor was too far beneath her. She loves to stand and she will walk around when I hold her hands and start walking forward. It's so cute. So to get everyone up to date on the status of Chloie: she has started to sit up and roll over (saying that sounds like she's a dog), she holds her own bottle, she started eating solid foods a few days before she turned 4 months old and she loves it (see video on the Rock's blog to the right ----->), she loves to make lots of noise every morning when she wakes up (noises ranging from growls, to screams, to laughing, to raspberries, to babbling), she sleeps really well through the night, and she is a good baby. She has her many precious moments when I would like to get away from her, but mostly she is a good girl.
Brandon and I are enjoying parenting. We like to pretend she can understand us and practice congratulating her and scolding her for the little things she does or doesn't do. She just smiles or raspberries us. Today she started sticking her tongue out while she raspberried us instead of just with her lips. It was very effective. Brandon is doing well and loves his job and I am working to keep this house in order and taking care of Chloie. We have callings in our ward as the Valiant 10 teachers. We like teaching together. We have about twelve 10 year olds that we are in charge of and they are good kids. It truly is the simple principles of the gospel that are important and help us to grow and become like our Heavenly Father. The key is to concentrate on making ourselves better and thinking about what we can do each day to become more like who we know we can be.
Brandon and I took Chloie on her first campout last weekend. It was from Friday night to Saturday afternoon. She slept right through the night from 8:30pm to 6:30am. It was perfect. We played cards all night and Chloie slept. We should take advantage of this while we can, before she is mobil and crazy. I have about a bazzillion pictures of Chloie that I would love to share on here but I don't have much time before Chloie starts getting restless after her nap. She is awake but laying on the couch sucking on her arm. Yummy! Talk to you again soon.